No More. No Less.

Strike the right balance between inventory and service levels

Inventory Optimization Services.

When it come to optimizing inventory management, the questions are a many: What is the right level of inventory? At what point in the supply chain? How do I know what is optimal? Are we prepared for season shifts? Just to name a few. 


Firms that follow a rudimentary and simple single-stage, single-item inventory optimization model that looks at each SKU and stock location is outdated, and most likely out of luck in today's global, interconnected business operations. This can result in frequent stock outages, overstock unhappy customers and blocked working capital. 


Eunomia Consulting helps Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Enterprises worldwide improve their individual inventory management capabilities and create more dynamic, more efficient supply chain. Our free supply chain analysis helps quickly assess the current inventory situation and devise a plan to simultaneously increase product availability and service levels while reducing investments in working capital.

What You Can Expect From Us.

  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO)

    • Designed to meet the demands of most dynamic and complex global supply chains, striking the right balance between inventory costs and customer service levels.

    • Our team is analytical. We combine our intensive analytical skills with inventory data from existing clients to help establish benchmarks and best of in class assessments

    • After an extensive assessment of current inventory management processes and business requirements, our team of knowledges experts help optimize every component of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, safety stock, raw material, work in process and finished goods.

  • Cost-effective postponement strategies

  • SKU rationalization

  • Optimization of all inventory components, including cycle stock, safety stock, raw material, work-in-process, and finished goods

  • Implementation and Efficient use of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Increased supplier intelligence for precise inventory planning and zero out of stock situations

  • Demand forecasting and planning

  • Development of Just In Time (JIT) strategies

Optimized Cash Flow.

We help devise an improvement plan to reduce working capital and increase inventory velocity. We help capture every available demands opportunity while optimizing the use of cash to fund operations.


Having the right products readily available is critical to capturing demand while keeping inventories low. When items are ready “just in time”, they aren’t sitting around idle and taking up valuable space, costing money and potentially even becoming obsolete.


Where Can You Expect To See Results?

  • Reduced Working Capital To Maintain desires service levels

  • Optimized inventory and replenishment policies by SKU

  • Increased inventory turns

  • Improved and maintained service levels, fill rate and other potential goals

  • Reduced distribution and procurement expenses