Networking Opportunities.

Reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve cycle times.

Supply Chain Network Optimization.

Optimizing your supply chain network allows for the ability to determine the costs and benefits of adapting your companies overall network in response to changes.


Often focused on improving service levels and reducing working capital across the distribution network, firms often fail to align the network optimization programs with long-term business strategies and implement them in isolation.


We at Eunomia Consulting focus on developing dynamic supply chain network optimization capabilities that align with your long-term business strategy and allow for ongoing evaluation and agile adaptation to changes in  environmental conditions.

Our Goal with Network Optimization

  • Reduce the overall supply chain costs, including working capital, production, distribution and transportation (full end-to-end optimization)

  • Reduce on hand inventory (Raw Materials, WIP & FG)

  • Improve profit margins (business unit, channel, specific product)

  • Develop an ongoing capability to evaluate business and environmental changes that affect the supply chain

  • Improve flexibility and reliability

Optimizing for Performance

Supply Chain Modeling can help reduce global supply chain network complexity and improve responsiveness to customers needs by optimizing asset locations across the supply chain. Within this process, our experts help identify, prioritize and map the best solutions to enterprise properties and supply chain competencies with a  variety of techniques, including what-ifs scenarios and sensitivity analysis. This in-depth analysis is subject to all areas of the supply chain network, including sourcing, transportation, inventory, warehousing and more.

Viewed more accurately, your network capabilities are a strategic asses - and a platform for growth. The question we need to ask -  is your supply chain network designed to enable and energize business decisions and strategy as it evolves? If the answer is no, we work together to optimize your network by designing, building and managing an enterprise network that no only supports, but helps continuously foster profitable growth.

Eunomia Guarantee.

We fully understand that your supply chain is a critical business function. Our tested and structured approach to supply chain design and supply chain network optimization delivers substantial reductions in end-to-end supply chain costs, including purchasing, production, warehousing, inventory and transportation, while significantly improving service levels.