Balancing Business.

There’s too much at stake; Take balancing action now & reduce risk.

Supply Chain Risk.

The ever increasing rapid globalization of supply chains has made them increasingly vulnerable to disruptions such as economic unrest, demand fluctuations, or natural or man-made disasters with potentially damaging long- and short-term impacts on your business.

Firms need to have a resilient supply chain to minimize the negative impacts of disruptions on revenue, costs and customers. Therefore, understanding and effectively managing potential supply chain risk is a key capability for building and maintaining resilient supply chains. 


Holistically Approaching Your Potential Risk:

  • Identify risks and consequences of leaving them unaddressed

  • Developing an organizational strategy

  • Creating outcome-based plans to manage your risk

  • Implementing risk mitigation plans

  • Measuring impact

Our team enables clients to proactively assess, prioritize, mitigate and manage risks for improved business results and achieving goals. The right people will help you map your whole supply chain (from end to end) and identify risks, assess potential impacts, and prepare supply chain contingency plans well in advance to help mitigate potential risk and ensure business continuity.

Risk Management Portfolio.

Keeping your supply chain optimized and running effectively is at the core of Eunomia Consulting. With every level of service, we embed a supply chain risk assessment to help build a lasting supply chain strategy.

Using our proprietary risk assessment model, we break down our assessments into three easy to understand segments: short-term, near term and long term risks. By following the simple breakdown, it allowed us to work with our clients to address each risk and accurately implement potential safeguards.

Uniquely designed to fit our clients needs, our reports allow organization to see their risk map and facilitate cross functional dialogue to help mitigate risks firm-wide.

Four Prong Approach:

  • Multiple Input Sources

    • Gaining a timely and accurate understanding of risk is mission critical to ensure supply chain security. We utilized input from multiple clients data sources, such as interviews, spend data, inventory levels, supplier scorecards, contract data, suppliers audit data and surveys) as well as extensive external sources to ensure you can be confidently ahead of the game.

  • Augmented AI Data Analysis

    • We use predictive modeling to consolidate and classify real time data from thousands of sources to identify patterns and trends in your supply chain. We further break down these results by seasoned industry experts, who outline potential recommendations based on current findings of risks.  

  • Intuitive Reporting

    • Numbers don’t lie. Gut decisions and a broad understanding simply don’t cut it anymore in today's extensive global supply chain networks. We custom build each report to our clients needs and requirements.

  • Prioritized Action Plans

    • Just knowing that something could go wrong is not enough. Supply chain risk alerts hold value only if consequences are well understood and the alerts enable a timely and appropriate response. At Eunomia Consulting, each risk type is prioritized based on event likelihood and business impact. We help filter out the noise to help you develop risk mitigations plans and escalation mechanisms and enable higher focus when dealing with risks.

Count On Us.

We’ve done this before. Our comprehensive approach towards risk management ensures that clients implement the right level of structure, rigor and consistency in managing risk across multiple business units, function and regions. Our one-of-a-kind combination of tested processes, big data deeds and artificial intelligence helps firms proactively identify and mitigate potential risks.